Since its inception in 1995, GBT has built an exclusive and comprehensive portfolio of intellectual properties ("IP") in wireless system, protocol and implementation.  The Company has been issued 56 patents in the United States and currently holds 68 patents and patent applications internationally. 
One of GBT's most significant group of patents pertains to the UMTS
W-CDMA Standard.  All equipment manufacturers and service providers providing 3rd Generation ("3G") wireless service adhere to the technical specifications set by this standard.  GBT has a number of patents that are essential to this standard and offers for license its portfolio of UMTS patents.  Among some of its significant UMTS patents are those relating to the Random Access Channel ("RACH") Ramp-Up and Acknowledgment; Parallel Code Transmission; Rake Receivers and Common Packet Channel ("CPCH").

The most widely used of GBT’s IP will be GBT’s Random Access Channel technology (“RACH”) Ramp up and Acknowledgment, which provides significant benefits relative to the cost of both terminals and related systems equipment.  In addition to these patents, the Company also has a number of implementation technologies that improve the performance of the UMTS systems.